Agile Innovators Montessori Toronto

Montessori Education

Montessori education is a philosophy through which everything relevant to the life of the child during their particular stage of development is provided in an appropriate, stimulating and sensitive environment, so that learning through discovery and self-direction is nurtured. 

The child possesses an inner dynamic spirit which, given the appropriate environment, manifests itself in a desire and a "drive" to learn, adapt and to attain a high level of independence. The purpose of Montessori education therefore, is twofold: to help the individual to reach self-awareness and self-worth and, to fully develop the individual's various potentialities.

Characteristics of Montessori Education

In the Montessori environment, learning:

  • Is functional and transferable to other situations
  • Is dynamic and involves the whole personality
  • Requires a social context due to the social nature of the learner
  • Is motivated primarily from within
  • Is not dependent upon external rewards or punishments
  • Is relevant to the child's stage of development