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Importance of Montessori

Importance of Montessori Education

There are many potential benefits of a Montessori School, especially for those children who are just starting out in the education process. These important early years prepare children for the learning experience that is to come, whether they continue with the Montessori method or move to a public classroom environment in the future.

By focusing on multiple activities with different paces for every child, Montessori education helps build leadership, coordination and concentration skills. This is a lot of freedom for the children to pick up their own activities but they are all performed with specified parameters. Students are also taught in a family-based environment.

Montessori education has changed the concept of the teacher's task being drudgery to joy, from repression to collaboration with nature to create a positive environment. The adult’s role is more of a guide than a teacher. When this guide provides a prepared environment for children and refrains from obtrusive interference, the evidence of changing human soul into a new man is visible. This new man is now free from becoming the victim of events and will have a clear vision to direct and shape the future of a human society.

The child is a constructor of man and society and is gifted with such inner powers which can guide us to a more luminous future. Montessori education has revealed the small child as a lover of intellectual work and physical tasks, spontaneously chosen and carried out with profound joy. Through careful scrutiny, Dr. Montessori realized that children build their own personalities as they interact with their environment. She provided children with didactic materials and observed the manner in which they learned as they spontaneously chose and worked with the materials.

The importance of first six years

In “The Absorbent Mind” Dr. Montessori wrote, "The most important period of life is not the age of university, but the period from birth to the age of six. For that is the time when man's intelligence itself, his greatest implement is being formed”.

Furthermore, she said, “At no other age has the child greater need of intelligent help, and any obstacle that impedes his creative work will lessen the chance he has of achieving perfection”. This is the time of brain development. This is the age of fundamental importance for the formation of the individual. When the foundation is strong, the rest of the life is smooth.

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